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marihuana is safer
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Marihuana is safer

Acute and interesting discussion about the myths of marijuana, and how socially there is a remarkable school of thought devoted to demonizing the grass, while there is a social trend that consolidated would prefer to keep physical and social problems caused by alcohol. Index: PART ONE The Choice: Marijuana vs. Alcohol
1. The dilemma: The a popular cceptance Marijuana and alcohol.
2. Pot 101: Understanding Marijuana.
3. Separating the "toxic" of intoxication: An objective comparison between the effects of alcohol and marijuana. PART TWO
No Choice.
4. "Reefer Madness" and All That Jazz: The origins of the prohibition of the herb.
5. Back to reality. The truth behind the myths of marijuana.
6. As society leads systematically to the alcohol.
7. The real-world implications in our culture Pro-Alcohol. PART THREE Freedom of Choice.
8. The reasonable thing: traditional arguments against marijuana prohibition
9. Do not add a service: Building an alternative.
10. From theory to practice. The "safer" to SAFER.
11. Towards a turning point: Creation of a difference of opinion.
December. Our vision of the future.

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